How did I not know this sooner?

I am in grad school for mental health counseling. I am also a non-traditional student, which is a kind way of saying an older adult. It has taken me this long to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, but I’m not sure why it has taken this long. (more…)


Learning Technology

As I dive into the world of technology, I feel overwhelmed and often lost. I am fortunate to have a “technology mentor”, who not only has gently urged me into this world, but has also kept me sane as I near completion of grad school. I am a product of the middle 1960’s, so the internet was born well after I was. When the internet appeared, I was busy with teenaged children, and my job did not involve computers, much less the world wide web. I could not imagine that I might ever need to keep up with this new world that I couldn’t (and still kind of don’t) understand. Well life changed, and I found myself in college at the tender age of 39. I managed to muddle through my associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, with the limited knowledge I had about the internet and Word. My son assisted me then, but admittedly I was resistant, stubborn, and convinced that I was going to bring the entire internet crashing down around me with one wrong mouse click. I was not excited about the endless learning potential that the internet provides; rather I found it confusing and could never seem to locate what I was looking for. Then I entered grad school for Mental Health Counseling. By this time, I was fairly comfortable using the internet to find research, shop, and write papers, so I thought I was good to go. You’ll be shocked to hear that I was wrong. (more…)