I’m not very patient

In an earlier post I discussed my thoughts and feelings related to being an adoptee (see Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat). Much of my curiosity stems from not truly knowing who I am. Sure, I have been told that I am Irish and German, and that would not be a problem with me if I believed it, but I don’t. (more…)


Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat!

I’m not sure what is going on this week, but I am seeing stories related to adoption daily on the Today show. Today’s story was a couple meeting their new infant daughter for the first time, on air. This is an extremely public arena for a seemingly very private event. Personally, I believe I would prefer this meeting in private, but that’s just me. The story that really got me thinking though was yesterday’s. Dr Nancy Snyderman adopted an infant 27 years ago, and the story was about the daughter meeting her biological mom for the first time. The interviewer asked the standard questions, like “How does it feel to meet your biological mom?”, and made the usual comments, like “Have you been curious all these years?” This last question kills me. As an adoptee, my answer to this question would unfortunately be sarcastic, as in DUH, but I understand that some of us are not curious about our origins. That does NOT describe me. (more…)