Music is Powerful

Music has always been a very important part of my life. Certain songs remind me of good and not so good times. As adolescents and teenagers, my friends and I spent considerable time listening to music. Cable T.V. had not arrived in our town yet, and Pong seemed boring to us, so replaying our albums until we memorized them was the normal after school activity. Read the full post »


But the Reality Is……

Ah, Thanksgiving. What a glorious day to spend with family. I have seen many families thoroughly enjoy their day together. Cooking, watching football, even playing football during halftime. I have also seen Thanksgivings that would rival any dysfunctional TV family’s Thanksgiving. Here are my three personal favorites from the past. Read the full post »

Fit is Important

Many people enjoy spending free time at the mall. Not me, well except when it is to people watch. The mall is a great place to observe people. Sadly today’s mall trip was for pants and shoes that are more work appropriate than my grad school uniforms of cords and Vans. I dread clothes shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I like buying new clothes, but the leap from shopping to buying is what I detest. Read the full post »

An unanticipated turn of events

Through no fault of my own, I lost one of my jobs yesterday. I know, I know everybody says it’s not their fault, but this really isn’t. Read the full post »

How did I not know this sooner?

I am in grad school for mental health counseling. I am also a non-traditional student, which is a kind way of saying an older adult. It has taken me this long to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, but I’m not sure why it has taken this long. Read the full post »

Oh no! Here it is

Well winter is here. Okay so it’s not technically winter, but today sure feels like it. In my little coastal town, winter brings with it not just cold, but a neat bone-chilling wind also. Read the full post »

Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat!

I’m not sure what is going on this week, but I am seeing stories related to adoption daily on the Today show. Today’s story was a couple meeting their new infant daughter for the first time, on air. This is an extremely public arena for a seemingly very private event. Personally, I believe I would prefer this meeting in private, but that’s just me. The story that really got me thinking though was yesterday’s. Dr Nancy Snyderman adopted an infant 27 years ago, and the story was about the daughter meeting her biological mom for the first time. The interviewer asked the standard questions, like “How does it feel to meet your biological mom?”, and made the usual comments, like “Have you been curious all these years?” This last question kills me. As an adoptee, my answer to this question would unfortunately be sarcastic, as in DUH, but I understand that some of us are not curious about our origins. That does NOT describe me. Read the full post »

I guess I am an adult

Wednesday night in class, my professor asked us a question that I have been pondering since. The question was “When did you know you were an adult?” We were discussing societies that have rituals or rites of passage to indicate that one is an adult. The United States, in general, has no specific marker of adulthood, other than reaching the age of 18. Read the full post »

Mean Ol’ Mr. Perfectionist

My mouth is dry, I am already nervous and I still have about 8 hours before my presentation.

You would think after 2 years of grad school, I would be fairly comfortable with presentations by now. But, I’m not. I am certainly less nervous than I used to be, but that old friend, Mr. Perfectionist, always shows up right before my presentations. Read the full post »

Where do you draw the moral line?

Psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg expanded on Jean Piaget’s research to form a theory that explains the development of moral reasoning. He presented dilemmas to children and had them explain their reasoning behind their answers. The responses were classified into various stages of reasoning that make up Kohlberg’s theory.

We had an interesting discussion about moral development in class Wednesday. We were presented with one of Kohlberg’s dilemmas and then discussed our reactions.
The following is one of Kohlberg’s dilemmas. Read the full post »