Remembering Robin Williams

Such a sad day. Depression affects us all. I hope that his death will help others to see they are not alone in their struggles. RIP Robin Williams.

TED Blog

Robin Williams hijacks the TED2008 stage before the BBC World Debate. Photo: Andrew Heavens Robin Williams hijacks the TED2008 stage before the BBC World Debate. Photo: Andrew Heavens

It’s 2008, moments before a BBC broadcast live from the stage at TED. But something’s gone wrong. The house lights are still up, the camera ops are looking at one another, official-looking folks are wandering at the stage apron muttering into headsets, and the panelists are sitting patiently onstage but looking, increasingly, baffled. Minutes go by.

And then a voice rises from the audience, wondering “why at a technology conference everything is running so shittily”! As Kim Zetter wrote: “at least that’s the word I think he used; it was hard to hear the last word through the audience’s laughter.” It was Robin Williams, who’d spent the day watching TED, and who now jumped out of the audience to grab the mic and reel off 10 or 15 minutes — reports vary — of improvised…

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It’s Not Really That I Like It, It’s More That I Need It….

At various times during the past 30 years, cleaning people’s homes has been a main source of my income. Although this is not a very glamorous job, it has supported me throughout much of my adult life, and I am more than grateful for it. It is a good job to have as a college student, as my schedule is apt to change every semester, and not every job offers that kind of flexibility. (more…)

Show Us You Care. Be Deaf Aware!

I’m not sure if it is Deaf Awareness Week in the U.S., but very good information to know.

The Tree House.

To Whom It May Concern,

‘Deaf Awareness Week’ is upon us, so we thought we would take this opportunity to highlight what deaf awareness means to all of us. ‘Deaf Awareness Week’ happens for a reason and we wanted to share with you why we think it is important.

First of all, as a collective group of deaf people, we wanted to educate those who want to learn about what deafness is like for some people and how to overcome what may appear to be issues and barriers. In some cases there have been situations related to deaf awareness (or in many cases the lack of it), which have resulted in life threatening or even life-saving events. Although these situations are rare, they are still happening as a result of misunderstandings caused by peoples’ lack of deaf awareness. That is why it is so vitally important to inform you of…

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Yard Sales- A True Test of Your Self-Esteem

So today was the yearly neighborhood yard sale. I really don’t like participating in yard sales as I have never made enough money to justify all the effort, but being as I had too much “stuff” I thought I would give it a shot. I spent several hours gathering my stuff and pricing it very low. It seemed like a nice mix of stuff that included a Wii, kitchen items, candles, framed wall pictures, and these shell elephants. Yes, they are elephants made out of tiny conch shells. 2014-05-17 11.06.512014-05-17 11.07.10









I’m not very patient

In an earlier post I discussed my thoughts and feelings related to being an adoptee (see Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat). Much of my curiosity stems from not truly knowing who I am. Sure, I have been told that I am Irish and German, and that would not be a problem with me if I believed it, but I don’t. (more…)

Still smoke free!!

Day 7– I’m surprised a week has gone by already. It has been difficult, but less difficult than the first time I stopped. Of course I have not had any big crises or events that would compel me to smoke yet. We will see how easy it is then. (more…)

Abstinence project continued

Day 3– still morning. Today I feel less confused, but it is early yet. I was doing well yesterday until midday, then the physical and psychological cravings began. It was a struggle to not light up. (more…)

Quite frankly right this minute it sucks

As part of my Addictions class, we are required to participate in a 21 day abstinence project. We must attempt to abstain from a mood altering substance or a compulsive behavior, so that we will hopefully be more empathic with our clients who are abusing substances and are trying to stop. I have been wanting to stop smoking cigarettes for some time now, but haven’t quite gotten around to it, or was I subconsciously waiting for this assignment? (more…)

Music is Powerful

Music has always been a very important part of my life. Certain songs remind me of good and not so good times. As adolescents and teenagers, my friends and I spent considerable time listening to music. Cable T.V. had not arrived in our town yet, and Pong seemed boring to us, so replaying our albums until we memorized them was the normal after school activity. (more…)

But the Reality Is……

Ah, Thanksgiving. What a glorious day to spend with family. I have seen many families thoroughly enjoy their day together. Cooking, watching football, even playing football during halftime. I have also seen Thanksgivings that would rival any dysfunctional TV family’s Thanksgiving. Here are my three personal favorites from the past. (more…)