Still smoke free!!

Day 7– I’m surprised a week has gone by already. It has been difficult, but less difficult than the first time I stopped. Of course I have not had any big crises or events that would compel me to smoke yet. We will see how easy it is then. (more…)


Abstinence project continued

Day 3– still morning. Today I feel less confused, but it is early yet. I was doing well yesterday until midday, then the physical and psychological cravings began. It was a struggle to not light up. (more…)

Quite frankly right this minute it sucks

As part of my Addictions class, we are required to participate in a 21 day abstinence project. We must attempt to abstain from a mood altering substance or a compulsive behavior, so that we will hopefully be more empathic with our clients who are abusing substances and are trying to stop. I have been wanting to stop smoking cigarettes for some time now, but haven’t quite gotten around to it, or was I subconsciously waiting for this assignment? (more…)