Oh no! Here it is

Well winter is here. Okay so it’s not technically winter, but today sure feels like it. In my little coastal town, winter brings with it not just cold, but a neat bone-chilling wind also. The days are gray and the sun seems non-existent. I really don’t like the cold. To me, there is not much better than driving around with my stereo blasting The Clash on a 78 degree, low humidity, sunny day. Again, I don’t like the cold, but the wind and lack of sun are what really do me in. It gets dark so early now, and by 7:30 I feel like I should be in bed. My neighbors tease me that they never see me in the winter. This is fairly accurate.

I can’t say that I get depressed in the winter, but I definitely feel more blah. The long, gray days really get to me. I feel more energized when the sun is shining. Many people get excited at the thought of the impending holidays, but I am not one of them. I find much of it commercial and stressful, and am relieved when it is over. Unfortunately, that is when I have had just about enough of the sun’s disappearance.

This year there may be hope. I acquired a light box recently. These are boxes that are used for Bright Light Therapy in Seasonal Affective Disorder clients. The best part is that it requires no effort on my part, other than to sit in front of it for 15 minutes a day. As an often studying grad student, I do sitting very well, so this should not present any problems. I have considered buying one before, but they are a bit higher than my budget has allowed for non-necessities. I was excited to get this one and am looking for a place to put it right now. I will certainly give it my best effort and will be curious to see if I will notice any difference.

If it doesn’t work for me, maybe my plants will appreciate it.




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