Mean Ol’ Mr. Perfectionist

My mouth is dry, I am already nervous and I still have about 8 hours before my presentation.

You would think after 2 years of grad school, I would be fairly comfortable with presentations by now. But, I’m not. I am certainly less nervous than I used to be, but that old friend, Mr. Perfectionist, always shows up right before my presentations. (more…)


Where do you draw the moral line?

Psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg expanded on Jean Piaget’s research to form a theory that explains the development of moral reasoning. He presented dilemmas to children and had them explain their reasoning behind their answers. The responses were classified into various stages of reasoning that make up Kohlberg’s theory.

We had an interesting discussion about moral development in class Wednesday. We were presented with one of Kohlberg’s dilemmas and then discussed our reactions.
The following is one of Kohlberg’s dilemmas. (more…)